Westbury Lake Resident

With Gillespie Group, you aren’t treated “like” family. You ARE family!

Heather Trentadue
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Honigman Zoning and Land Use Practice Group

The Gillespie team has an impressive track record of developing creative solutions and delivering win-win results.”

J. Patrick Lennon, Esq.
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Horizon Bank

In 2005, The Gillespie Group designed and built our headquarters on Abbot Road in East Lansing. Situated in a thoroughfare of many of our East Lansing neighborhoods, this building reflects the welcoming style and design of our community. The Gillespie Group continues to maintain the structure – internally and externally, including the cleanliness, repairs and overall appearance of the building. They anticipate problems and repairs and are available around the clock for emergency service. The Gillespie Group anticipated our initial requirements when building a welcoming, attractive banking center and now continues to respond to our daily building management needs. It’s a great relationship.

John W. Abbott, President and CEO
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Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capitol Region

Leaders see before, beyond and better than the rest of us. Leaders, who have this sight, also recognize opportunity while others only see decay. In the beginning leaders are alone in the pursuit of their vision, but they quickly realize that nothing of significance can be accomplished alone. They intentionally build a team of likeminded talented people who see what could be and together they make the vision come alive.

Urban renewal through the re-purposing of existing buildings as well as new construction that draws people ‘back to town’ is ingenious, necessary and profitable. I have seen this vision birthed in the heart of one man who cares deeply about community and watched an incredible team make his vision come alive.

Pat Gillespie is a person who cares, believes in community and has the leadership skills to make it happen. Pat’s team, led by Rachel Michaud is having a huge impact in the areas that need this vision and revitalization most. Our town, its communities and our future are better today because the Gillespie Group lives their values and their impact is unparalleled.

Dr. Phil Knight, Gray Knight Consulting, Lansing
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Prudden Place Residents

When looking for a place to live in mid-Michigan, Emily and I knew we had to be in downtown Lansing. We wanted to be in the heart of the all action – close to bars and restaurants, Lansing Lugnuts baseball, the Lansing River Trail, and beautiful Old Town. Though we looked at many options, none compared to what we experienced at Prudden Place.
At Prudden Place Emily and I are close to everything Lansing has to offer. We love going to Midtown Brewing Company, The Nuthouse, and Taps25. Additionally, Prudden’s close proximity to the major highways is great for us as we both have to travel a lot for work.
Our two bedroom apartment is spacious and modern. My wife LOVES our large walk-in closets and I enjoy our patio overlooking Larch Street.
I’ve never lived in an apartment complex with a Leasing team that makes everything so easy and convenient for their residents. Shonda and Andrea are diligent and responsive and I am grateful for all that they do.
If you are looking for a great apartment, near everything downtown Lansing has to offer, the choice is obvious: Prudden Place.

Brian and Emily Johnson
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Lasky Fifarek, P.C.

As a real estate attorney for over 30 years, I have been involved in numerous transactions with real estate developers. Seldom have I observed the degree of commitment not only to the quality and success of the project, but also to the best interests of the community. Fifteen years ago when most developers were pursuing more lucrative opportunities outside of Mid-Michigan, Pat Gillespie had a different vision for Lansing’s future. Gillespie Group’s focus is greater than building a successful project; rather it seeks to positively impact and improve the community in which it is involved. Developing successful projects in the recent economic environment was complex. However, Gillespie Group had the expertise, experience, vision and sophistication to follow through efficiently and successfully. Our firm has partnered in many projects with Gillespie Group over the years. Their professionalism, commitment to excellence and positive win/win attitude brings out the best in all who work with them. We feel very fortunate in having the opportunity to work with them.

Charles L. Lasky

Huntington National Bank

My experience with the Gillespie Group has been very positive. It is a professionally run organization and very responsive to the needs of its business partners and clients. Your professionalism produces quality results whether it is product or service. Because if this, we are looking forward to a growing and long-term relationship.

Peter A. Draaisma, Senior Vice President / Commercial Real Estate Group

Biggby Coffee

We have worked with Gillespie Group for the past two years and have been so impressed with the level of service they have provided. We truly appreciate all the support they have shown our organization and feel fortunate to be able work with such a great company.

Biggby Coffee

First National Bank of Michigan

The team at First National Bank of Michigan has worked with the Gillespie Group for several years, providing financial solutions to assist in the completion of multiple complex development projects. With many projects currently underway with the bank, and more in the pipeline, we are proud to partner with this professional organization.

The Gillespie Group’s finance team, headed by Rachel Michaud, [VP], prepares outstanding detailed financial analysis. The construction and development team, led by Jason Kildea, delivers on time and on budget, and the property management group keeps the projects full and the tenants happy, which results in stable performances for all their projects.

First National Bank of Michigan is proud to be the financial partner of the Gillespie Group.

Dan Bitzer, Market President for West Michigan, First National Bank of Michigan

Nonprofit Center at the Armory

The partners in the Nonprofit Center at the Armory are so pleased to share such a wonderful space. The Gillespie Group worked closely with our six organizations to make this dream a reality, and we see the benefits of this collaboration every day. The Gillespie Group understood the needs each nonprofit had and worked with each group to customize individual spaces while maintaining a cohesive feel to the building. We are especially proud to “live” in a building with such a wonderful history and connection to Lansing.

Non Profit Center Partners

Great Lakes Loons

We enjoy a tremendous partnership with the Gillespie Group. They have been terrific partners in leveraging our community investment in Dow Diamond and the Great Lakes Loons into further development in downtown Midland. Their people have vision, creativity, and focus on creating successful partnerships. We look forward to more collaborations with the Gillespie Group in the years ahead.”

Paul Barbeau