Starting as an Executive Assistant to Vice President, Rachel Michaud, Ashley joined Gillespie Group in 2015 and worked her way to the Director of Marketing role. Ashley manages and oversees Gillespie Group’s unique culture and all marketing and advertising for its residential and commercial properties as well as its new business-bold development projects. In addition to driving interested potential residents or business owners to their properties, Ashley is also a part of recruiting new businesses from outside Lansing to come and take root in Lansing.

Ashley graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 2008 from Southeastern University in Florida. Her love for the people  and for the city brought her back home to contribute to the community and growth of Lansing. She is a part of City Life Lansing, a nonprofit, that is focused on loving and caring for the people of Lansing in all ways possible including tutoring athletes at Eastern Highschool, volunteering at local Lansing Elementary schools, hosting a free sports camp for kids and throwing block parties throughout the city in the summer.