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Q&A with The Outfield ball park lofts newest resident

Wonder how life is going so far at the newest downtown Lansing apartments sitting in the baseball stadium?  Yea, we were too!  So Casey asked one of our newest residents, Kelli to give us some insight.  Here’s what she had to say…

Kelli tells us why she loves living at The Outfield ball park lofts
Kelli D., newest member of The Outfield ball park lofts family
Q&A with Kelli:

C:  What are you most excited for?
K:  Watching baseball from the patio

C:  What size apartment are you in?
K:  1 bed on ballpark side

C:  Are your family and friends excited to come over?
K:  Oh yes!! We found out we have way more friends than they thought once we announced we were moving here!

C:  Mac or PC?
K:  PC

C:  Plane, train or automobile?
K:  Automobile (flying is terrifying!)

C:  Oxford comma?
K:  Had to Google the oxford comma, and yes, I use it all the time!  Glad to know it has a name!

C:  What are you most looking forward to this summer?
K:  I’m most looking forward to warm weather and watching baseballs fly at my window. 😉


Kelli told Casey that she downsized from a two bedroom home to a one bedroom apartment, and she was so excited about getting to throw things out and get a fresh start. She and her boyfriend Josh are excited for their new home.

(We’re excited for you, Kelli…. ENJOY THE NEW DIGS!)