Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capitol Region

Leaders see before, beyond and better than the rest of us. Leaders, who have this sight, also recognize opportunity while others only see decay. In the beginning leaders are alone in the pursuit of their vision, but they quickly realize that nothing of significance can be accomplished alone. They intentionally build a team of likeminded talented people who see what could be and together they make the vision come alive.

Urban renewal through the re-purposing of existing buildings as well as new construction that draws people ‘back to town’ is ingenious, necessary and profitable. I have seen this vision birthed in the heart of one man who cares deeply about community and watched an incredible team make his vision come alive.

Pat Gillespie is a person who cares, believes in community and has the leadership skills to make it happen. Pat’s team, led by Rachel Michaud is having a huge impact in the areas that need this vision and revitalization most. Our town, its communities and our future are better today because the Gillespie Group lives their values and their impact is unparalleled.